Cancer is ubiquitous and one of the leading causes of death in both so called first world and developing countries. The commonest non-cutaneous malignancy in men is of the prostate with a lifetime cumulative risk of 9%.This translates to 1 in 6 men getting prostate cancer (PCa) at some time in their life.


    There has been a flurry of concerns in the media recently about the alleged risks of developing Prostate Cancer (PCa) from supplementation with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (Om3&6). Prof Shingai Mutambirwa The Head of Urology at MEDUNSA provides some perspective.

  • Prostate Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines

    Prostate Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines The Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa

  • Prostate cancer in the Western Cape

    Study shows that black men in the Western Cape presented with higher grade and stage disease and higher PSA and received potentially curative treatment less often

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  • We need a Branch Chairman for Patient Affairs in KZN & Western Cape

    Invitation for Applications for the Position of Patient Affairs Chairman Prostate Cancer Foundation: KZN and Western Cape Branches

  • Thulani Sibisi runs The Soweto Marathon for prostate cancer

    Thulani Sibisi, winner of the 1986 Two Oceans Marathon and a prostate cancer survivor is passionate about creating prostate cancer awareness. Despite the the difficulties caused by the treatment he has to take to stop the cancer from growing, he is determined to finish the Soweto Marathon on Sunday as part of his commitment to Movember's 2016 Move campaign. You can donate towards his efforts by going to his page on the Movember website: https://za.movember.com/team/2238471

  • Get Involved

    If your life has been affected by prostate cancer you may wish to get involved in some way in order to make a difference in the lives of others who have been affected. Our patient affairs division provides the opportunity for prostate cancer survivors and their families to join in and help. We need volunteers to assist with fundraising, to help create awareness and to support others who have been affected by prostate cancer. Contact Iain Johnston at patientaffairs@prostate-ca.co.za and help to make a difference.

  • A Tribute to Grant Pettitt

    Grant Pettitt was involved with the Prostate Cancer Foundation from its early days. First as a representative of Sanofi and later in his personal capacity as the Foundation's financial officer. He was ever meticulous in his duties, but always pleasant and good humoured. He passed away from cancer on 12 July 2016. We pay tribute to the selfless contribution that he made to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. His wisdom, experience and knowledge will be missed, but his contribution will live on in the work of the foundation.



Prostate Cancer Helpline:

084 283 3982


Prostate Cancer:  Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines 

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa

Publication Date: August 2013

Prostate Cancer Guidelines August 2013 (PDF, 102KB)



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